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Billy-Rae + Kris | Point Lookout Wedding, Northport, ME

Kris and Billy-Rae hold such a special place in my heart, I have been in contact with them for almost 2 years about wedding plans and I have loved how much they have included me. They weren’t my normal wedding couple, they actually went on a trip to Grenada where they said I DO to each other first then a week later they came back MARRIED and celebrated with everyone at Point Lookout in Northport, ME. So instead of a ceremony they had their guests watch their wedding video for the first time. It was so special and so intimate. These two are so sweet and funny, I felt an instant connection with them during their engagement shoot, so photographing their wedding was a blast for me. Billy has such an elegant taste when it came to planning her wedding, I knew it would be nothing short of flawless when I got there. They were surrounded by their best friends and family and of course beautiful weather on their special day!

2016-03-13_0001PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0002PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0003PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0004PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0005PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0006PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0007PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0008PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0009PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0010PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0011PINIMAGE

Kayla Hannington and Megan Markie were the makeup and hair artists,

they did such an amazing job on all the girls! 2016-03-13_0012PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0013PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0014PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0015PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0016PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0017PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0018PINIMAGE

2016-03-14_0008PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0019PINIMAGE

2016-03-14_0007PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0020PINIMAGEThe viewing of their wedding day in Grenada viewed by their family and friends!

2016-03-13_0022PINIMAGE Kris and his groomsman were hilarious!

I love being able to run over to grab some quick shots of them getting ready! 2016-03-13_0023PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0024PINIMAGE 2016-03-13_0025PINIMAGE

2016-03-14_0001PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0002PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0003PINIMAGE

Like most of my brides, Billy surprised Kris with a boudoir book,

We did the photos last winter and she ROCKED it!

He was so surprised and I just LOVED his reaction!  2016-03-14_0004PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0005PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0006PINIMAGEShe is so elegant and flawless! 
2016-03-14_0009PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0010PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0011PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0012PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0013PINIMAGE These girls were so great to their bride, making sure she was happy the whole day! 2016-03-14_0014PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0015PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0016PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0017PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0018PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0019PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0020PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0021PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0022PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0023PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0024PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0025PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0026PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0027PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0028PINIMAGE

I wouldn’t mind doing all my weddings here, the staff, location, food, I mean everything about Point lookout was perfect!

2016-03-14_0029PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0030PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0031PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0032PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0033PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0034PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0035PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0036PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0037PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0038PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0039PINIMAGE

2016-03-14_0040PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0041PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0042PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0043PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0044PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0045PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0046PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0047PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0048PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0049PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0050PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0051PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0052PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0053PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0054PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0055PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0056PINIMAGE Of course, to top of their great day of 50 degree weather ( IN JANUARY)  they had the most beautiful sunset! 2016-03-14_0057PINIMAGE 2016-03-14_0058PINIMAGE



and the FOOD was delicious!
2016-03-15_0011PINIMAGE2016-03-15_0012PINIMAGE2016-03-15_0013PINIMAGE2016-03-15_0014PINIMAGE2016-03-15_0015PINIMAGE2016-03-15_0016PINIMAGEJI’s Music Express was the DJ at the wedding, and he was amazing.

I just love the SHOE game, and all the music he played! 

What a great day for such a sweet couple, I am so thankful you had me there to capture all these great memories!

I can’t wait to see what your future holds!



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