Rosie | Senior Session, Rockport Maine

Rosie and her family welcomed me last summer for her senior session. I literally want switch lives with them, they live in the most beautiful home, surrounded by so much character. I think I commented and said “OOO” to everything. I got to know her adorable brothers and sisters, that were next to me most of the time making me laugh, and her adorable horse and dog she incorporated in her photo shoot. Rosie you are a doll, I am so happy I got a chance to meet you and see your little piece of paradise!  2016-01-25_0001 2016-01-25_0002 2016-01-25_0003 2016-01-25_0004 2016-01-25_0005 2016-01-25_0006 2016-01-25_0007 2016-01-25_0008 2016-01-25_0009 2016-01-25_0010 2016-01-25_0011 2016-01-25_0012 2016-01-25_0013 2016-01-25_0014 2016-01-25_0015 2016-01-25_0016 2016-01-25_0017 2016-01-25_0018 2016-01-25_0019 2016-01-25_0020 2016-01-25_0021 2016-01-25_0022 2016-01-25_0023 2016-01-25_0024How cute are they! Such a sweet family!  2016-01-25_0025 2016-01-25_0026

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