Nora | 6 Months Old, Hermon, Maine

Can you believe this little buggy is 6 months!?!? Nora is my sweet, adorable, stinking perfect little niece. Feels like just yesterday she was born! She is full of life and smiles, like literally all the time. She has brought so much joy into all our lives and has given auntie and uncle tons of practice for their own little baby coming in 3 months! Her parents Tim and Lindsay are wrapped around her chunky little finger for sure, it’s been so fun watching them become amazing parents this year.

Love this little family so much, and I am so happy we were able to do this shoot and have such nice weather!

C93A5342  C93A5345 C93A5358

1 C93A5292 2 C93A5408-2 C93A5449 3 C93A5488 C93A5491She definitely thinks Auntie is funny!! <3

4 C93A5557Then we laid down and just giggled for a while… (little butterball)

C93A5534-Edit C93A5572-Edit C93A5633 C93A5642-EditThese two are BEST FRIENDS!  C93A5687 C93A5714-2Daddy’s little girl for sure!  C93A5726 C93A5742 C93A5773 5 C93A5784-2 6Mama decided her little tush needed a photo too, and I agree its so stinking cute!
C93A5882 C93A5898 C93A5865 C93A5855-Edit

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